Circular knitting needles 80cm, aluminium

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Coloured heads, resistant to ironing - for dressmaking. Hardened and tempered steel shanks, rust protected.

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Size 10mm ring silver-coloured Multipac, 200 pieces


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 Knitting-in Elastic, invisible elastic thread is for knitting and crocheting around sleeves, cuffs etc to save them going baggy and out of shape. This elastic is called invisible as it is almost clear and works well with most types and colours of yarns, you will need a thicker elastic for chunky yarns.

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This reflective thread is designed to be knit or crochet in within your woolly projects to increase safety.

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Experience the luxurious 100% mercerised Egyptian cotton, available in a very comprehensive range of thicknesses and brilliant vivid solid colours, ombre and multicolour shades. No matter where your creativity takes you, our 3 ply crochet cotton will always offer you the perfect choice for your projects and encourage you to express your own individuality through creativity.

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