Point protector 3,75-6,5mm

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The Prym universal magnifying glass with bracket for hanging around you is ideal for needlework, handicrafts, reading and much more. The lens with 2x magnification can be rotated easily, thus making the switch to the integrated additional lens for 8x magnification easy.

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The versatile Textil+ Adhesive sticks fabrics, leather, rubber, wood, metal, and PVC

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 Knitting-in Elastic, invisible elastic thread is for knitting and crocheting around sleeves, cuffs etc to save them going baggy and out of shape. This elastic is called invisible as it is almost clear and works well with most types and colours of yarns, you will need a thicker elastic for chunky yarns.

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The lightweight and ergonomic design of these quality crochet hooks makes crocheting comfortable and easy.

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Decorative pins for skirts, blankets etc.

Silver colored 2pcs.

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